Our state-of-the-art distribution technology directly connects hotels and the OTAs / TMCs that sell their rooms online.

By cutting out intermediaries and automating common distribution processes, we help hotels gain unprecedented control over their inventory while increasing booking profitability for all connected parties.

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Rate Protection

Our unique technology is able to prevent the onward distribution of hotel rates.

Discount rates won’t pop-up online undercutting hotel’s direct channels.

Complete Transparency

We don’t hide the true source of hotel bookings.

We show hotels exactly where their rates end up and who is selling their rooms.

No Intermediaries

We connect hotels directly with the parties that sell their inventory, cutting out intermediaries and reducing markups and fees.

We're a technology provider, not a new intermediary.

How We're Different

Controlled Distribution

Current distribution technology relies heavily on cached data. Cached data containing hotel rates can be shared with anyone in the world, hurting their ability to use revenue strategies that rely on market segmentation.

Our technology removes the need for traditional caching making it much more difficult for hotel rates to be shared without approval.

We help hotels enforce their market segmentation strategy with our technology.

Rate-Leakage Prevention

Rate-leakage issues cost hotels billions of dollars a year and damage consumer confidence in their brands.

Most hoteliers point to wholesalers as the primary cause of their rate-parity issues. They claim to sell hotel inventory through off-line channels, but often resell it to other agencies. Eventually discount rates end up online undercutting direct hotel channels.

Our technology lets hotels enforce a minimum amount their net rates must be sold for, blocking the booking if they're being undercut online.

How It Works for Hotels

Just Like A New Channel

Hotels use Arise like a new distribution channel.

Arise connects to your Channel Manager or CRS and runs in parallel to the channels you already have in place.

You don't need to change your existing distribution strategy.

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