Streamlining Travel Coordination with AI-Driven Calls

We place outgoing AI-driven calls to streamline communication from travel agencies (TMCs, Tour Operators) to hotels, ensuring a seamless guest experience at scale.

How It Works
Booking Data

Once a booking is made through a travel agency, Arise's AI system automatically queues it for voice verification, ensuring that all necessary details are accurate and complete.

AI-Initiated Communication

The AI voice agent initiates calls to the respective hotels to verify booking details. This step is crucial for confirming that your reservation aligns with your expectations and the hotel's capabilities.

Status Updates

Following the AI's interaction with hotel staff, the booking status is updated and relayed back to the travel agency's system. Any unresolved issues are flagged for agent action.

All Hotels Have Phones
Automation Through Voice

Connectivity in the Hotel Industry can be unreliable. Agents still make millions of phone calls a year to guarantee their guests will have the best experience on arrival. We automate these phone calls, saving agents and agencies hundreds of thousands of hours a year being stuck on hold.

High Touch at Scale
Guest Satisfaction

Leverage our AI-driven calls to ensure every booking detail is meticulously confirmed with hotels, enhancing the reliability of travel arrangements and improving guest experiences. This leads to higher conversion rates and repeat business for travel sellers.

Improved Efficiency

Eliminate manual confirmations and reduce the risk of errors. Our technology ensures that all communications with hotels are accurate, timely, and recorded for accountability, streamlining operations for travel agents and agencies.

First Class Security and Data Privacy

Our edge-based computation strategy keeps guest profile information away from 3rd party infrastructure, helping with data privacy regulation compliance and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Elevating Agents Through AI Voice
Travel Agencies

Maximize Operational Efficiency

  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Automate routine confirmations
  • Enhance booking reliability
  • Optimize staff productivity

Travel Agents

Elevate Your Service

  • Focus on customer service excellence
  • Improve guest pre-arrival experience
  • Gain a competitive edge with advanced technology
  • Ensure a flawless journey for every traveler